2020 Xplorer 4 Powerful  60 volt 1000 watt motor, dual disc front brakes, drum rear brakes, 10x3.00 inch tires, digital display, usb and rear storage trunk.

Terminator lithium power 72v 20ah battery best in class for performance pure sports bike. performance , QC motor best built motor in China. F/R disc brakes 120/70-12 tires, sine-wave controller and blue tooth radio/mp3.

electric scooter ebike

HM500 Lithium Power bike

More power 72v 30ah, More Distance and lighter weight . 12 inch motor, sine wave controller ,120/70-12 Tires and blue tooth technology

Transporter mobility scooter speed, torque an safty

2020 Transporter, 60v 1000 watt motor magnetic brakes, lever type throttle adjustable speed, adjustable high back seat.

2020 Xplorer R3 , 48 volt 1000 watt motor, front disc brake, 10x3 inch tires, 3 speed, 25 kph, blue tooth surround sound stereo radio, L.E.D lights .

2020 Tonka built tough, 48 volt 800w motor,3 speeds 1+2 seating and plenty of storage, Digital display L.E.D lights, external steel frame.

Odyssey 3 wheel mobility scooter electric adult mobility

2020 Odyssey 60v lithium power, futuristic design, plenty of storage, digital display, one button start (keyless), smooth acceleration to 20 km per hour.

Terminator electric motorcycle scootr lithium

Phantom Electric motorcycle

Features 72v  32 ah Lithium, sine-wave high energy controller powerful motor, blue tooth, dual front disc  brakes blue tooth MP3 radio and much more. 

Cafe Racer riding back into history when life was more simple

2020 EGM Cafe Racer lithium power 72 v 25 ah, Lifepo4 batters 2000 cycles sine-wave controller, disc brakes F/R, 17 inch wheel, analog display classic look, MP3 blue tooth player

e-bike Toronto scooters

2020 Viper II 72v 30ah lithium battery,large F/R Disc brakes,High amp out put/sine-wave controller,blue tooth smart phone connection.

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Shadow 2.o.jpg

2020 Shadow 48v 20ah removeable battery, high out put controller 16x3.00 tires with F/R Disc/drum brakes and blue tooth technology. up garaded large easy to read display

Electric motorcycle in Ontario

Powerful electric bikes in Ontario

electric cycles and bikes in Ontario

Commuter DS, Two seats, windshield, side and rear mirrors, rear wheel drive, electro-magnetic brakes ,16x4 tire, 16km top speed, radio mp3 player,tilt steering,, forward and reverse levers, glove box and rear trunk.

tThe Transformer, the Transformer changes from a 3 seater to a 1 seater with Cargo space. 48volt 1000 watt motor supper efficent electric motor, digital display, L.E.D lights, forward, reverse with 3speed, plenty of storage and adjustable front seat. Built tough made of all steel body and frame


Sprinter 250 comes with 8.5 none puncture tires powerful 250 watt motor, digital display, bluetooth connectivity  with your phone. and IP54 cetified (water resistant)

Dim 60x28x39, weight 202lb, capacity 330lb capacity, rang 60 to70, top speed 20km.